Women in Blockchain Global Building a global support system for women in blockchain by pushing educational efforts and producing a library of blockchain-focused learning tools. Offering direct and indirect material to support women in the industry. WIB strives to introduce more women to blockchain technology through networking and educational events, such as conferences, hackathons, hacknights, and travel opportunities. We hope to disrupt the industry with diversity and inclusion by building an army of female leaders.

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Why Encourage Women Into Blockchain?

Distributed ledger technology, also known as blockchain technology, has reached a pivotal moment. Government sectors, healthcare corporations, global supply chain entities, and many others, are beginning to realize the technology's full potential. It is more than a cryptocurrency's structure or backbone. It is the future.

With over $1.6 million invested in blockchain-focused startups, up to 2500 patent applications submitted to USPTO, and less than 200 women currently active in the industry, it's time for a change. The industry is hungry for innovation but is lacking both technical and nontechnical talent. With a high demand, companies, groups, and other organizations should include more women and people of color, however that isn't typically the case.

This is an industry anyone with a great idea can disrupt. The possibilities for women are endless and having a technical background or knowledge of the technology isn't ideal. Amazing things can happen when you bring diverse minds to the table and that's what Women in Blockchain Global is striving to do.

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Disruption Through Education
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Career Growth
  • Educational Resources
  • Hackathons & Hacknights

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We don’t ask people who are hungry to solve hunger, so why are we asking underrepresented groups to solve their own problems?

In terms of sheer numbers, I think it’s a crying shame that there are fewer women working in technology, and fewer women working in computer science than back in the 1980s. It’s not a problem specific to Bitcoin, either. It’s a technology issue in general."

Rhian Lewis , 9 Men for Every Woman: It's Not a Frat House, It's Bitcoin

Due to the open source nature of blockchain technology, women have the opportunity to display their true potential in technology and enterprise, with no room for corporate hierarchies or antiquated social attitudes to hold them back.

Alexander Lielacher , What Role Does ‘FemTech' Play In The Bitcoin Economy?

The more aware we are of our own behavior, the more we can encourage people to participate in conversation and welcome contrarian viewpoints.

What WIB Does! WIB is a global organization encouraging and supporting women to pursue opportunities within the blockchain ecosystem. We host global events, connecting women to other industry leaders, technical and nontechnical workshops, and hackathons. Our mission as an organization is aid women in learning more about the technology and providing assistance that will help them to get their ideas launched.

Hear from industry leaders & learn more about the technology.
Learn, collaborate, build, deploy, and pitch your ideas.
Providing a space for education and collaboration.
Networking Events
Get connected with other women in the industry.
Educational Resources
Content library. Master your knowledge on DLT.
Technical Resources
Introducing Developer Connect. More Coming Soon.
Million Invested Up to $1.6 million invested in blockchain-focused startups.
Patents Submitted And counting. Patent applications submitted to the USPTO containing the term "crypto" or "blockchain".
Women Involved Less than 200 women active in the space.

Disrupting the industry through diversity, inclusion, and education.

If you've ever attended a blockchain-focused hackathon, networking event, or conference, take a second to look around. How many women, if any, do you see in the room? How many people of color can you spot? If the answer is none or an unproportionate ratio compared to men, you should see the issue.

We all know that blockchain technology is capable of providing solutions for many current issues. We also know that the industry is hungry for innovation, however, lack individuals knowledgeable on the tech. The lack of women or people of color is one of the reasons why the industry hasn't seen a lot of innovation. If we can bring diverse people to the table, we can inevitably introduce diverse and creative minds who could see problems from a unique perspective.