An Introduction

Who we are?

Women in Blockchain Global is a new and developing global support system for women in blockchain. We consist of students, researchers, developers, individuals seeking a career change, and professional women. Our organization is accepting of all educational and professional backgrounds. Everyone is welcomed.

What we do?

We host global and partner events which include conferences, networking events, hackathons and hack nights. We're also developing an extensive open-source educational content library full of technical and nontechnical resources to cover subjects such as distributed systems, cryptography, general blockchain basics, DLT scalability, smart contracts, and much more.

Why we do it ?

Blockchain technology is new (less than 8 years old) and high in demand. As businesses begin to realize the potential of blockchain-based systems, the demand for talent and innovation has grown tremendously. Banks, insurers, government, and many others are beginning to research and develop blockchain-focused products.

Up to $1.5 billion invested in blockchain startups, 2500+ patent applications filed to USPTO, and less than 100 women active in the space. In our book, that’s a problem.

The future of blockchain technology looks bright, however, there's an evident shortage of knowledgeable individuals within the space. We strive to close gender gaps and to fill the void by building an 'army' of blockchain enthusiasts.

There are few female leaders in the blockchain ecosystem. With the potential use cases of blockchain-based products being particularly vast, so are opportunities for women. Many professionals in the industry hold various roles. Although a technical skill set is the most in demand, it is not a requirement of a blockchain enthusiast. In fact, women in blockchain have taken up various roles - from technical, academic, commercial, regulatory, and public relations.

Many women are unfamiliar with blockchain technology and obtaining technical knowledge on the technology can serve as a challenge, especially when the information is varied and scattered across the internet. Women in Blockchain Global hopes to help women over what can seem to be a steep learning curve.

Action Behind Words

There's an evident shortage of women and people of color within our industry. Here's our basic step layout of how we plan to fill the gap.


Partner with local schools and women tech groups.


Host weekly meetings, workshops, and webinars.


Provide ongoing support for members.


Organize hackathons and conferences to connect members.

Getting more people to:

  • Innovate using distributed ledger technology
  • Build on established APIs
  • Provide a unique input
  • Generate new ideas
  • Solve problems using distributed ledger technology


Creating opportunity for those who rarely receive it.

Bringing blockchain education to different communities.

Catering to all educational and professional backgrounds.

No matter experience or level of expertise, our events are accepting of all.


The absence of female mentors can create a barrier to entry. Blockchain technology creates an opportunity for female leaders.

Hilary Carter

The more aware we are of our own behavior, the more we can encourage people to participate in the conversation and welcome contrarian viewpoints.

Meltem Demirors