#SheCanTech #SheCanTech is an educational movement to inspire young girls, grades K-12, to seek opportunities in tech. Inspired by the historical all-ladies hackathon Technica, founded by University of Maryland College Park students and with a record breaking turnout of 900 girls. The #SheCanTech movement hopes to continue the spirit of Technica all year round by offering job shadowing opportunities, travel stipends, scholarships, and giving girls the resources they need to be successful within this industry.

Career Growth
Find internships and other job opportunities..
Learn the functionality and role of an industry professional.
Partner Events
Find and attend events promoting women in tech.
Travel Stipends
Support for traveling to educational or sponsor events.
Build, learn, pitch, launch, and disrupt.
Earn money for your projects, research, and ideas.

We strive to be a major resource for girls pursuing roles in tech and inspire them to be more by never settling for less. By offering accessible, attainable, and affordable resources, we are highly inclusive and working to promote diversity by inspiring girls of all backgrounds.

Our goal is push at least 200 women into the blockchain ecosystem before the end of 2017. Whether it be creating their first colored-coin, deploy a smart contract, building a DAPP, lobbying for emerging technology, or launching a consulting firm, #SheCanTech will serve as a viable resource for her.

#SheCanTech provides woman an opportunity to learn programming languages, undergo resume review, code challenges, networking, traveling, and numerous chances to win cool prizes. Members will also hear from and connect with women leaders and speak directly with recruiters from companies seeking to hire technical talent.

We're one of few blockchain-focused organizations putting actions behind words for diversifying the space. Although pushing more women into the space is our goal, being a reliable support system for women in the industry is what we stand for. We strive to encourage women to learn, collaborate, brainstorm, design, build, and launch.